The beauty world has become full of the next advanced machine, the miracle ingredient and the celebrity's favourite treatment.   In the midst of this, we must not forget the power of touch.

My specialty is to give results using the healing energy of my hands.  No machine, no miracle cream (although I have these in stock!), no fuss.

I indulge myself in training courses and I take away from each, something that will deepen my understanding of touch on the body, the face and the skin.

I have trained with Jing, with Dermal Institute Advanced training, engaged with Environ, been geeked by Dr Carl Thornsfeldt, impassioned by Gerry Pyves and Jane Scriver, and had specialist training with Florence Barratt-Hill, Emma Hardie (Sculpting Facial), Ruth Minoletti (Inner Dynamics) and Caroline Josling (Rejuvanessence).

Doreen Chin Ling

Holistic Facial Surrey
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