Facial Energy Release

AKA Rejuvanessence


Have you ever heard the expression 'if you pull a face and the wind changes, your face will stick'? Over time, our faces take on our emotions and expressions.  Every trauma and stress becomes set into our facial muscles.  We get frown lines, smile lines and the common strain and emotions that we show in our faces are there for 20, 30, 40 years or more without us realising. 


The connective tissue in our skin is affected by tension, it becomes hard and stiff and can 'glue' the skin to the muscles or bone.  I use a precise fingertip massage to give lymphatic drainage to peel away layers of emotional tension that your face holds.  The skin and muscles that have been 'glued' together become unstuck.  Some of the massage is done inside the mouth - highly effective!

The result is it softens your expressions, improves skin tone and elasticity.  This is a relaxing natural facelift massage that slows down ageing. 

Facial Energy Release (FER) can be offered as a one-off facial.  However, the effects are accumulative so a course is best.  Just like a Yoga or Pilates course where your body improves tone and flexibility with each class, so too does your face benefit from regular sessions. 

FER is an holistic alternative to CACI, if you want a more youthful face without the current.

Read WHY this treatment works.


"This technique unblocks emotional tension that the face holds on to for far too long.   I have been converted from a sceptic to a believer... It's a way to get your face back to its natural shape."


"Surprised that something so simple would actually do anything."

"I didn’t realise how much tension I carry in my face ... it was very beneficial to have the fully engaging muscle work done around my face, scalp and neck."

"This reaches so much more than a “normal” facial would."

"Other people have noticed my skin improvement.  Very relaxing and gentle but very effective in achieving results."

"I always liked looking at my face in the car mirror on my way home as my face looked plumper which was exciting!"


Japanese Facial

90 min £55

Dien Chan Zone

60 min £45

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